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Racing:   The night of basketing for the first race you can put a nest bowl and hen in the widowhood box for about 10 minutes before basketing,  the cocks should be very excited and will soon crouch down and  coo at their mates. the quicker they do this the better the cock is for racing ( pool the first bird to go down like this). Basket the cocks in the order that they go down until all are in the basket, if the cock bird does not go down you can still basket him but he is not going to be the winner. After the race leave cocks with hens until all birds are home or one hour after first arrival. Rest the cocks, darken windows and remove all hens and bowls. Same procedure every week on basket night but sometimes you can just add a nest bowl, and not a hen, for cock to crouch down in, this should bring about the same response from the cocks and make him keen to see his hen on return from the race.

A few points to bear in mind.

Don't send yearlings over 150 miles they will fly better as two and three year olds if they haven't had any strenuous races. They may win out of turn if you ignore this advice but will never be consistent winners.

Don't send birds that have had a hard race, give them time to recover.

Do watch the behaviour of both the cocks and the hens, it will tell you when the cocks are right for sending.

Never let the birds mate after training.

Give consideration to the birds rest, and eliminate all distractions from outside the loft.

Place hens as far away from cocks as possible when they are apart.

Have fun and enjoy your birds.